Living the Good Life: The Top Benefits of Renting a Luxury Apartment in Lawrence, KS

Did you know over 36 million people rented in 2016? Making it the most renters in history since 1965.

It’s no wonder that with so many renters more people are looking for rental options when choosing their next home.

If you’re already renting an apartment, why not rent a luxury one? Keep reading to learn the top benefits of renting luxury apartments in Lawrence, KS.

The Top Benefits of Renting Luxury Apartments in Lawrence, KS

Your apartment is part of your image and where you spend most of your downtime. At The Fringe, our goal is to provide you with luxury apartments in Lawrence, KS. We want to give you a place you are proud to call home and have friends and family come over to enjoy it too.

Nice Neighborhoods

Luxury apartments are normally on beautiful real estate in safer neighborhoods. This usually means you have nice views and are in a convenient area close to everything such as dining and shopping.

Move-In Costs

To move into a luxury apartment it will cost you less than putting a 20% down payment on a home. Typically you’ll need a security deposit plus first months rent to move into a luxury apartment and that’s all you have to think about.


A huge perk about living in a luxury apartment is that you’ll have zero maintenance to worry about. If your toilet is leaking you just call for maintenance and they worry about it. If your garbage disposal suddenly decides to stop working you call maintenance and that’s it.

On top of those maintenance scenarios, you also won’t have to take care of lawn maintenance or landscaping either. You’ll always have beautiful fresh laws and flowers and you won’t have to lift a finger to maintain any of it.


Luxury apartments will also give you amenities you can enjoy that you don’t have to maintain either. Most have pools, gyms, meeting rooms, gardens, theater rooms to name a few.

Amenities inside the apartments are upgraded such as stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, and granite countertops.

Fixed Expenses

When people own a home, their mortgage and property taxes can fluctuate depending on the market.

Renters are normally not affected by changing market conditions unless the apartment complex raises their prices which is pretty rare and if they do you know ahead of time to make a decision if you want to stay or move.

When you sign a year lease you know what your monthly expenses are and don’t have to worry about price increase within the term of your lease.

Ready to Move Into Your Very Own Luxury Apartment?

After seeing all of the benefits of luxury apartments in Lawrence, KS are you ready to pack your bags and call a luxury place your next home? There’s something special about living in a luxury apartment on top of all the obvious perks.

If you’re ready to check out different floor plans and make a decision check out our current vacancies today.