The number of renters in the United States is on a steep rise. That coupled with near-record low unemployment rates have left many middle class to affluent singles, couples, and families looking for luxury apartments that give them all of the safety and comfort they crave in their home.

If you’re moving to the Lawrence Kansas area or are a long-time resident looking to upgrade your living situation, you’re going to find that locating true luxury apartments in Lawrence KS can be difficult.

While many apartments brand themselves as being luxury, few embody the standard of excellence people like yourself are looking for.

To help you on your apartment hunting journey, our team has compiled a few quick tips to help you find the perfect Lawrence Luxury apartment!

1. Know What Luxury Costs

A quick way to differentiated faux luxury from real luxury is cost. A high-quality luxury apartment whose aim is to endlessly service its tenants, offers world-class amenities and gives you the experience you’re looking for is going to run you more than your traditional Lawrence apartment.

If you’re running into apartments branded as luxury offering to good to be true prices, beware… You’re going to find that corners have been cut.

2. Look at Amenities and Pet Policies

A big part of luxury living is luxury amenities. During your Luxury apartments in Lawrence KS search, the complex you choose to do business with should provide access to a gym, swimming pool, clubhouse, garage and of course should be pet-friendly!

3. Assess the Area

Not only do luxury apartments mean having incredible amenities and living spaces, it should also mean being surrounded by incredible beauty.

Remember, you’re paying a premium for a luxury apartment experience. For that reason, never settle during your luxury apartment search for a surrounding area that doesn’t inspire awe!

4. Never Settle for Less than Modern

A luxury apartment is both modern in its design and modern in the appliances and furnishings it comes with. That means liberal use of high quality flooring, excellent design aesthetic, and wonderful steel appliances.

If your luxury apartment feels dated in its motif, you’re not getting the experience you’re paying for.

Wrapping Up Tips for Finding Luxury Apartments in Lawrence KS

If you’re one of the many people moving to or relocating within the Lawrence KS area, you may be on the hunt for a luxury living situation. If that’s the case, it’s important that you keep in mind our tips listed above.

They should help you find a true luxury apartment complex that will impress thoroughly over the course of your lease as opposed to leaving your disappointed and trapped in a contract.

For the ultimate luxury apartments in Lawrence KS experience, we recommend losing yourself in our pristine living community, The Fringe.

The Fringe’s surrounding natural beauty is only bested by the incredible living spaces we provide our tenants and the unbeatable amenities you’ll find yourself enjoying all year long.

Learn more about availability at The Fringe, our floor plans and fill out an application to transform your living situation today.

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